Clean Coal Technology Demonstration Program: Round 5

Clean Coal Diesel Demonstration Project - Project Brief [PDF-57KB] (Withdrawn)

Arthur D. Little, Inc., Fairbanks, AK



  • Coal Diesel Combined-Cycle Demonstration Update (Sept 1995)
    K.R. Benedek, C.E. Benson, and R.P. Wilson (Arthur D. Little, Inc.); J.W. Parkinson (CQ, Inc.); and A.K. Rao (Cooper-Bessemer Reciprocating), Fourth Annual Clean Coal Technology Conference: The Global Opportunity, Denver, CO
  • Coal-Fueled Diesels for Modular Power Generation (Sept 1994)
    R.P. Wilson, Jr., (Arthur D. Little, Inc.), Third Annual Clean Coal Technology Conference, Chicago, IL
  • Coal-Fueled Diesels for Modular Power Generation Performance and Emissions Characteristics Based on 1.8 MW System Test (Apr 1994)
    R .P. Wilson, Jr. et al.,
    (Arthur D. Little, Inc.), Proceedings of the American Power Conference (Volume 56-I), 56th Annual Meeting, Chicago, IL
  • Coal-Diesel Technology Looks Good for Clean Coal Five (Feb 1994)
    A.K. Rao
    (Cooper-Bessemer Reciprocating Products Division) and R.P. Wilson (Arthur D. Little, Inc.), Modern Power Systems

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