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Advanced Hydrogen Turbine Development


Siemens Energy Inc.

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Susan Scofield

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Hydrogen Turbine Program

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Robin Ames –

Long Term Thermal Bond Coat Testing


Siemens Energy, Inc. was awarded a contract by the U.S. Department of Energy for the first  2 phases of the Advanced Hydrogen Turbine Development Program. The 3-phase, multi-year program objective is to design and develop a fuel flexible (hydrogen, syngas, or natural gas) gas turbine and its supporting technologies for integrated gasification combined cycle (IGCC) and other applications which produce high hydrogen fuel.  The program goals include demonstrating a 3 to 5 percent improvement in efficiency by 2015, an emission goal of 2 ppm NOx  and a 20-30 percent reduction in combined cycle capital cost.

Siemens Energy Project Accomplishments

  • Demonstrated 3 percent combined cycle efficiency increase through significant component life improvement through application of technologically advanced thermally conductive thermal barrier coating (TBC) over standard TBC system engineering and engine integration analysis.

  • Achieved a reduction of approximately 40 percent in flaking or chipping of material (known as spallation) from surfaces with new modified bond coats and substrates.

  • Validated selective catalytic reduction (SCR) system in an IGCC relevant environment with significant NOx reduction.

  • Demonstrated the manufacturability of advanced cooled blade 1 core designs. This represents a major advancement in castable cooling structures.

  • Achieved manufacturing technology changes enabling advancements in airfoil design space in ways thought unfeasible only a few years ago.

  • Developed manufacturing processes that allow reduced time-to-market for future design enhancements through reduced tooling costs, reduced production lead times, and more efficient process procedures.

  • Demonstrated stable operation and low emissions on hydrogen fuel with the Siemens premixed combustion design. 

Energy Project Objectives

  • Further refine the concepts necessary to meet the 2015 objectives and advance the technology readiness levels of the developing technologies.

  • Complete high heat-flux laboratory experiments necessary to determine high-temperature capability of the selected TBC.

  • Continue advancing combustion system design and verify the predicted performance through high-pressure combustion rig testing for syngas and high-hydrogen fuels.

  • Complete compressor rig testing of the advanced hydrogen turbine compressor blading.

  • Develop and optimize a higher temperature material system (base alloy, bond coat, and thermal barrier coatings) capabilities that allow operation in challenging environments, ensuring that the turbine components achieve high reliability and long life.

  • Advance manufacturing processes and techniques essential to producing the novel turbine cooling schemes that are being pursued in this program. Producing full-sized engine parts using advanced core making technology, performing investment casting trials, conducting destructive and non-destructive evaluations, machining prototype parts using a proposed production process and conducting full-scale engine testing on final products.