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Description of Gasification Systems 2013 Project Selections

Project pages for ten awards:
  1. Dry Solids Pump Coal Feed Technology, Aerojet Rocketdyne; FE0012062
  2. Development of ITM Oxygen Technology for Low-cost and Low-emission Gasification and Other Industrial Applications, Air Products & Chemicals; FE0012065
  3. Benefits of Integrating PWR and RTI Advanced Gasification Technologies for Hydrogen-Rich Syngas Production, Research Triangle Institute; FE0012066
  4. Hybrid Molten Bed Gasifier for High H2 Syngas Production, Gas Technology Institute; FE0012122
  5. Low Cost High-H2 Syngas Production for Power and Liquid Fuels, Gas Technology Institute; FE0011958
  6. Advanced Reactor Design for Integrated WGS/Pre-combustion CO2 Capture, TDA Research; FE0012048
  7. Chemical Looping Gasification for Hydrogen Enhanced Syngas Production with In-Situ CO2 Capture, Ohio State University; FE0012136
  8. High Hydrogen, Low Methane Syngas from Low-Rank Coals for Coal-to-Liquids Production, Southern Research Institute; FE0012054
  9. Coal-CO2 Slurry Feeding System for Pressurized Gasifiers, Massachusetts Institute of Technology; FE0012500
  10. Advanced Acid Gas Separation Technology for Clean Power and Syngas Applications, Air Products and Chemicals; FE0013363
Four total awards, two co-funded by Gasification.
  1. Small-Scale Coal-biomass to Liquids Production Using Highly Selective Fischer-Tropsch Synthesis; FE0010231
  2. Small-Scale Pilot Plant for the Gasification of Coal and Coal/Biomass Blends and Conversion of Derived Syngas to Liquid Fuels via Fischer-Tropsch Synthesis; FE0010482
  1. Liquid Carbon Dioxide/Coal Slurry for Feeding Low-Rank Coal (LRC) to Gasifiers; DE-FE0007977
  2. Advanced CO2 Capture Technology for LRC IGCC Systems; DE-FE0007966
  3. Evaluation of the Benefits of Advanced Dry Feed System for Low Rank Coal; DE-FE0007902
  4. Advanced Acid Gas Separation Technology for the Utilization of Low-Rank Coals; DE-FE0007759
  5. Mitigation of Syngas Cooler Plugging and Fouling; DE-FE0007952
  6. Feasibility Studies to Improve Plant Availability and Reduce Total Installed Cost in IGCC Plants; DE-FE0007859
  1. Advanced Hydrogen Transport Membranes for Coal Gasification; DE-FE0004908
  2. Engineering Design of Advanced H2-CO2 Pd and Pd/Alloy Composite Membrane Separations and Process Intensification; DE-FE0004895
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