CCS and Power Systems


Low Rank Coal Optimization

Performer: NETL Office of Research and Development

Project No: FWP-2012.03.03 Task 4

Project Description

NETL's in-house research team is using an integrated approach to combine theory, computational modeling, experiment, and industrial input to develop physics-based methods, models, and tools to support the development and deployment of advanced gasification based devices and systems. The activities in this effort include developing and applying computational and modeling tools to simulate complex flows in applications such as transport or entrained flow gasifiers.

TRIG Model Development – The primary objective of this work is to develop a hierarchy of models for numerical simulations of TRIG co-feed conditions that span fast running reduced order models (ROM's) to high fidelity multiphase computational fluid dynamics (CFD) models. Each model will have uncertainty quantification associated with its predictions to allow a user to choose a model based on the trade-offs between computational speed and uncertainty in the predictions.

MFIX validation and scale-up of a NCCCT Transport Integrated Gasifier (click to enlarge)
  • Fuel Pretreatment and Feeding –The objective of this sub-task is to optimize the processing and characteristics of coal and coal-biomass mixtures, and supporting feeder technologies, to improve the efficiency and reduce the COE (with carbon capture) for TRIG systems. The result will be the ability to design and optimize dry feed systems to operate at high pressures with lower cost, higher efficiency and greater reliability, availability and maintainability (RAM).
  • Fundamental Gasification Code Development The objective of this sub-task is to continue to develop the methodology and associated software (Carbonaceous Chemistry for Computational Modeling [C3M]) needed to implement kinetic models for coal devolatilization, tar gas-phase chemistry, and soot formation into high fidelity multiphase computational fluid dynamic models. The project will investigate the kinetics and mechanisms of pyrolysis and gasification for mixed and low rank feedstocks. The effects of feedstock processing conditions on reaction kinetics will also be explored, with the secondary goal of demonstrating improved control of gasification reactions via feedstock processing refinements.

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