C&CBTL Projects & Performers
Coal & Coal/Biomass to Liquids - Key Technologies
  Advanced Fuel Synthesis
  Coal/Biomass Feed and Gasification

Performer Project Title

Altex Technologies Corporation
Laboratory Scale Liquids Production and Assessment: Coal and Biomass to Drop-In Fuels
Gas Technology Institute
R&D to Prepare and Characterize Robust Coal/Biomass Mixtures for Direct Co-Feeding into Gasification
 3   Georgia Tech Research Corporation  Development of Kinetics and Mathematical Models for High Pressure Gasification of Lignite-Switchgrass Blends
NETL Office of Research and Development
Advanced Energy Systems - Fuels

Southern Research Institute
Small Scale Coal Biomass Liquids Production Using Highly Selective Fischer Tropsch Catalyst

TDA Research Inc.
Poison Resistant Water-Gas-Shift Catalysts for Biomass and Coal Gasification

University of Kentucky Small Scale Pilot Plant for the Gasification of Coal and Coal/Biomass Blends and Conversion of Derived Syngas to Liquid Fuels Via Fischer-Tropsch Synthesis

University of Kentucky Center for Applied Energy Research (CAER) Coal Fuels Alliance: Design and Construction of Early Lead Mini Fischer-Tropsch Refinery
Virginia Polytechnic Institute & State University Investigation of Coal-Biomass Catalytic Gasification Using Experiments, Reaction Kinetics and Computational Fluid Dynamics
 Virginia Polytechnic Institute & State University Advanced Systems: Preprocessing and Characterizing Coal-Biomass Mixtures as Next-Generation Fuels and Feedstocks
Virginia Polytechnic Institute & State University  FY2010 Congressionally–Directed Project for the Center for Advanced Separation Technology
West Virginia University Research Corporation Feasibilities of a Coal-Biomass to Liquids Plant in Southern West Virginia
13 West Virginia University Research Corporation  WVU Hydrogen Fuel Dispensing Station
West Virginia University Research Corporation
Yeager Airport Hydrogen Vehicle Test Project


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