Advanced Combustion Systems Project Portfolio

The Advanced Combustion Systems Technology Area is focused on continued development of oxygen-fired combustion technologies as an alternative approach to post-combustion capture for carbon capture and storage (CCS) for coal-fired systems. The Advanced Combustion Systems Program is performing sponsored, cost-shared research into oxy-combustion and chemical looping combustion technologies that is directed at making these technologies cost effective by increasing the overall system efficiency, lowering the cost of oxygen supplied to the system, and lowering the capital cost of commercial-scale systems.

Advanced Combustion Systems Project Portfolio
The Advanced Combustion Systems (ACS) Project Portfolio provides an overview of the ACS Program, including a description of key technology areas, information on projects, location map, and contact information for personnel supporting the ACS Program.

Chemical Looping Combustion

The Advanced Combustion Systems research and development (R&D) approach is organized in two key areas: 1. Oxy-Combustion; 2. Chemical Looping Combustion.

  • Oxy-Combustion R&D Area - Current Oxy-combustion R&D is developing advanced technologies to reduce the costs and energy requirements associated with current oxy-combustion systems. R&D efforts are focused on development of pressurized oxy-combustion power generation systems, as well as membrane-based integrated oxy-combustion technologies.
    - Oxy-Combustion Project Information
  • Chemical Looping Combustion R&D Area - Current CLC R&D efforts are focused on development and refinement of high-capacity oxygen carriers that can withstand the harsh environment associated with CLC operation; development of effective and sustainable solids circulation and separation techniques; reactor design to support fuel and oxygen carrier choices; effective heat recovery and integration; and overall system design and optimization.
    - Chemical Looping Combustion Project Information
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