Current Activities
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Current NATCARB Activities
Efforts are currently underway by NETL, West Virginia University (WVU), the University of Kansas, and the Kansas Geologic Survey (KGS) to incorporate geologic site data from a number of activities occurring under the Carbon Storage Program into the NATCARB database. Similar to data from 2012 United States Carbon Utilization and Storage Atlas – Fourth Edition (Atlas IV), users will be able to analyze and manipulate CO2 storage data, geologic characterization data, and other miscellaneous datasets gathered from projects once complete.

American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009 Site Characterization Projects
DOE's NETL selected projects to receive American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009 (ARRA) funding to characterize promising geologic formations for CO2 storage. The projects will provide greater insight into the potential for geologic formations across the United States to safely and permanently store CO2. Additionally, the projects will further advance DOE's efforts to develop a national assessment of CO2 storage potential in deep geologic formations, particularly, depleted oil reservoirs, unmineable coal, and saline formations. Each project is focused on investigating at least one specific site, formation, or area not previously characterized with existing public geologic data.

NATCARB is in the process of incorporating geologic site data acquired from these ARRA site characterization projects to supplement existing geologic data. The NATCARB Viewer allows users to view the project location and area of investigation of each of these site characterization projects on a street view, topographic, or aerial image-based maps. Clicking a project location with the NATCARB Viewer provides detailed information about each project, such as the geologic formation name, type of geologic formation (saline, coal, oil and gas, or basalt), and a link to the project website or factsheet for additional information.

1 GeoMechanics Technologies
2 Sandia Technologies
3 South Carolina Research Foundation
4 University of Alabama
5 University of Illinois
6 University of Kansas Center for Research
7 University of Texas at Austin
8 University of Utah
9 University of Wyoming

ARRA Site Characterization Project Location (green dots) and Area of Study (meshed area).
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Carbon Capture and Storage (CCS) Database
The NATCARB team has incorporated the data from NETL's CCS Database in the NATCARB Viewer. The database includes active, proposed, and terminated CCS projects worldwide. Information in the database regarding technologies being developed for capture, evaluation of sites for carbon dioxide (CO2) storage, an estimation of project costs, and anticipated dates of completion is sourced from publically available information. The CCS Database provides the public with information regarding efforts by various industries, public groups, and governments towards development and eventual deployment of CCS technology. As of November 2014, the database contained 274 CCS projects worldwide. The 274 projects include 69 capture, 60 storage, and 145 for capture and storage in more than 30 countries across 6 continents. While several of the projects are still in the planning and development stage, 128 are actively capturing and injecting CO2.

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