Slipstream Testing of a Membrane CO2 Capture Process for Existing Coal-Fired Power Plant 
Project No.: DE-FE0005795

MTRs high-permeance membranes

MTRs high-permeance membranes

Membrane Technology and Research (MTR) is scaling-up their high-permeance membrane and process design. MTR will design and construct a 1 MW equivalent capacity membrane skid. This proof-of-concept system will undergo a six-month slipstream field test at a coal-fired power plant. Field test data and membrane performance data obtained at the National Carbon Capture Center will allow a thorough techno-economic evaluation of the membrane capture process and will clarify the relative potential of the approach.

The MTR capture process has two significant advantages over the previous application of membranes to CO2 removal from flue gas. First, the newly developed membranes have ten times the CO2 permeance of conventional gas separation membranes.  This tenfold increase in permeance leads to a tenfold decrease in required membrane area, reducing the capital cost and footprint substantially. Second, a countercurrent/sweep process has been developed which uses an existing air stream to generate a driving force for trans-membrane CO2transport, reducing the need for compressors or vacuum pumps, and the associated energy costs.


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  • For further information on this project, contact the NETL Project Manager, José D. Figueroa.
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