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1999 Conference Proceedings

1999 ATS Review Meeting

Table of Contents

This report was prepared as an account of work sponsored by an agency of the United States Government. Neither the United States Government nor any agency thereof, nor any of their employees, makes any warranty, express or implied, or assumes any legal liability or responsibility for the accuracy, completeness, or usefulness of any information, apparatus, product, or process disclosed, or represents that its use would not infringe privately owned rights. Reference therein to any specific commercial product, process, or service by trade name, trademark, manufacturer, or otherwise does not necessarily constitute or imply its endorsement, recommendation, or favoring by the United States Government or any agency thereof. The views and opinions of authors expressed therein do not necessarily state or reflect those of the United States Government or any agency thereof.

Papers and Presentations

Session 1: Perspectives on Advanced Turbine Systems

1.1 Welcome [PDF-9KB]
Abbie Layne FETC, U.S. Department of Energy

1.2 Power Generation in the 21st Century [PDF-885KB]
Rita Bajura FETC, U.S. Department of Energy

1.3 Industrial Distributed Generation [PDF-26KB]
Patricia Hoffman Office of Industrial Technologies, U.S. DOE

1.4 Global Power Trends [PDF-2004KB]
John Siegel Bechtel Power Corporation

1.5 Trigen Energy Corporation: Industrial and District Energy Systems, Applications of Combined Heat and Power Facilities [PDF-9KB]
Herman R. Schopman Trigen Energy Corporation

Session 2: Program Review

2.1 The Siemens Westinghouse Power Corporation Advanced Turbine Systems Program [PDF-102KB]
Gregory Gaul and Ihor Diakunchak Siemens Westinghouse Power Corporation

2.2 ABB's Advanced Turbine Systems Program
Albrecht H. Mayer and Gerald Guenette ABB Power Generation, Inc.

2.3 Public Policy and Energy Trends [PDF-72KB]
Beverly Jones Consolidated Natural Gas Company

2.4 Overview of General Electric's Advanced Turbine Systems Program [PDF-1176KB]
Thomas F. Chance, Charles S. Cook, Edward C. Lowe, Thomas G. LeRoy, and John E. Pritchard General Electric Company

2.5 Industrial Advanced Turbine Systems Program Overview [PDF-9362KB]
Stephen Gates and David Esbeck Solar Turbines, Inc.; and Ray Schwartz Rochelle Municipal Utilities

2.6 Advanced Turbine Systems Annual Program Review [PDF-2521KB]
Frank Macri Rolls-Royce Allison

2.7 Federal Energy Technology Center ATS Research [PDF-334KB]
Kent H. Casleton, Randall S. Gemmen, Daniel J. Maloney, Geo. A. Richards, and Douglas L. Straub FETC, U.S. Department of Energy

2.8 HAT Cycle Technology Development Program [PDF-182KB]
William H. Day, Donald Kendrick, Brian Knight, Amy B. Hargava, William Sowa, and Meridith Colket Pratt & Whitney; and Kent Casleton and Daniel Maloney FETC, U.S. Department of Energy

2.9 Establishing the Scientific Foundation for the 21st Century Gas Turbine [PDF-245KB]
Lawrence P. Golan South Carolina Institute for Energy Studies

2.10 University Contributions to the Effective Use of Thermal Barrier Coatings in ATS Engines [PDF-6353KB]
Eric Jordan and Maurice Gell University of Connecticut; and David Clarke University of California at Santa Barbara

2.11 Mist/Steam Cooling for Advanced Turbine Systems [PDF-13KB] (abstract, full paper is P20 in the poster session): Ting Wang University of New Orleans; Tao Guo General Electric Power Corporation; and J. Leo Gaddis and Xianchang Li Clemson University

2.12 Review of DOE Hybrid Systems Activities [PDF-9KB]
Norman T. Holcombe FETC, U.S. Department of Energy

2.13 Low NOX Catalytic Combustion for ATS Gas Turbine Engines [PDF-700KB]
Marco J. Castaldi, L. Smith, H. Karim, S. Etemad, and W. Pfefferle Precision Combustion, Inc.

2.14 Validation of Catalytica Technology on the Grid at SVP [PDF-839KB]
Tom Morjig Catalytica Combustion Systems, Inc.

Session 3: Panel Session Partnership Program Status

3.1 Advanced Turbine Systems Annual Program Review [PDF-887KB]
William E. Liss Gas Research Institute

3.2 Partnership Programs [PDF-77KB]
David Hatfield California Energy Commission

3.3 Materials Technology Opportunities in the NIST Advanced Technology Program [PDF-679KB]
Donald A. Bansleben National Institute of Standards and Technology

3.4 Propulsion Technology Partnerships for the New Millennium: A View From the Pentagon [PDF-3728KB]
Paul F. Piscopo U.S. Department of Defense

3.5 Gas Turbine Engine R&D for Shipboard Applications [PDF-726KB]
Joseph Lawton U.S. Department of Defense

3.6 Gas Turbine Technology Direction at NASA-GRC [PDF-598KB]
Arun K. Sehra National Aeronautics and Space Administration

3.7 EPRI-DOE Partnership Opportunities [PDF-759KB]
John Scheibel Electric Power Research Institute

3.8 12 Megawatt Cascaded Humidified Advanced Turbine (CHAT) Plant General Overview [PDF-337KB]
Ronald Wolk Wolk Integrated Technical Services; and Michael Nakhamkim Power Consultants, Inc.

Session 4: Materials Technologies

4.1 ATS-85: Advanced Manufacturing Technology for Single Crystal IGT Components [PDF-254KB]
Allen R. Price, Mei Ling Henne, and Max Yang Howmet Research Corporation

4.2 GE Casting Project [PDF-722KB]
M.F.X. Gigliotti, S-C. Huang, F.J. Klug, and A.M. Ritter General Electric Company

4.3 Cost-Effective Manufacturing of High Performance Power Generation Combustion Turbine Components Using the Fabricated Component Method [PDF-1754KB]
Paula Freyer Siemens Westinghouse Power Corporation

4.4 Turbine Airfoil Manufacturing Technology [PDF-705KB]
Charles S. Kortovich, Craig Hayes, Peter O'Neill, and B. (Rad) Radhakrishnan PCC Airfoils, Inc.

4.5 Pratt & Whitney ATS TBC Development Program
Mladen Trubelja Pratt & Whitney

4.6 Thermal Barrier Coating Systems for the ATS Engine [PDF-614KB]
Ramesh Subramanian, Stephen M. Sabol, John Goedjen, and Maria Arana Siemens Westinghouse Power Corporation

4.7 ORNL Thermal Barrier Coatings, TBC Research Activities Conducted Under the Materials/Manufacturing Program [PDF-1273KB]
M.K. Ferber Oak Ridge National Laboratory

4.8 Ceramic Stationary Gas Turbine Development Program [PDF-4205KB]
Jeffrey R. Price Solar Turbines Incorporated

4.9 Rolls-Royce Allison Ceramic Vane Project [PDF-119KB]
Richard Wenglarz Rolls-Royce Allison

ATS Poster Session


P1 Efficient Combustion Chemistry Algorithm for Gas Turbine Simulations [PDF-89KB]
Stephen B. Pope and Sunil James Cornell University; and M.S. Anand Rolls-Royce Allison

P2 Recent Advances in Both Measurement of, and Large Eddy Simulation of, Fuel into Air Mixing in Premixed Gas Turbine Engines [PDF-921KB]
R.W. Dibble and J.Y. Chen University of California at Berkeley

P3 Dual Fuel Issues Related to Performance, Emissions and Combustion Instability in Gas Turbine Systems [PDF-10349KB]
C. Brossard, J.C. Broda, C. Mordaunt, S-Y. Lee, and R.J. Santoro Pennsylvania State University

P4 Effect of Natural Gas Composition on the Performance of a Model Gas Turbine Combustor [PDF-491KB]
R.M. Flores, J.H. Chen, V.G. McDonell, and G.S. Samuelsen University of California at Irvine

P5 Primary Zone Equivalence Ratio Sensors [PDF-165KB]
Domenic Santavicca, Jong Guen Lee, Ramaro Bandaru, and Sean Miller Pennsylvania State University

P6 Development of Modular, Reduced Order Models for Prediction of Combustion Instabilities [PDF-1092KB]
William Bauman, William Saunders, and Uri Vandsburger Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University; and Harsha Chelliah University of Virginia

P7 Extending the Lean Blowout Limits of Low NOX Gas Turbines by Control of Combustion Instabilities [PDF-384KB]
Ben T. Zinn, Yedidia Neumeier, Brady R. Daniel, Tim C. Lieuwen, and Cliff Johnson Georgia Institute of Technology

P8 Infrared Emissison Based Temperature Sensor [PDF-415KB]
J.P. Gore and Jun Ji Purdue University; and Y.R. Sivathanu En'Urga Inc.


P9 Combustion CVD Coatings for TBC Improvement [PDF-413KB]
W.B. Carter, J.M. Hampikian, and D.W. Stollberg Georgia Institute of Technology

P10 Non-Destructive Evaluation of Thermal Barrier Coatings by Electrochemical Impedance Spectroscopy [PDF-508KB]
Jianqi J. Zhang, D.C. Tamboli, S.K. Jha, and Vimal H. Desai University of Central Florida

P11 Interaction of Steam/Air Mixtures with Turbine Airfoil Alloys and Coatings [PDF-151KB]
G.H. Meier, F.S. Pettit, and Kivilcim Onal University of Pittsburgh; and Jack L. Beuth Carnegie Mellon University

P12 Measurement of Interfacial Toughness in Thermal Barrier Coating Systems by Indentation [PDF-1206KB]
M.J. Stiger, L.A. Ortman, F.S. Pettit, and G.H. Meier University of Pittsburgh; Maurice Gell and Eric H. Jordan University of Connecticut; and R. Handoko, A. Vasinonta, and J.L. Beuth Carnegie Mellon University

P13 Development of Laser Fluorescence as a Non-Destructive Inspection Technique of Thermal Barrier Coatings [PDF-1183KB]
E. Jordan, M. Gell, D.R. Clarke, Y.H. Sohn, V. Vaidyanathan, K. Schlichting, and D. Mecklenburg University of Connecticut

P14 Small-Particle Plasma Spray Thermal Barrier Coatings [PDF-18007KB]
K. Faber, J. Mawdsley, J. Su, R. Trice, and T. Bernecki Northwestern University

P15 Development of Refractory Silicate-YSZ Dual Layer TBCs [PDF-1825KB]
H. He, and K. Lee Cleveland State University

P16 A Mechanism-Based Approach to Life Prediction and Non-Destructive Evaluation for Thermal Barrier Coatings [PDF-2568KB]
Anthony G. Evans, David R. Clarke, and Carlos G. Levi University of California at Santa Barbara

Aerodynamics and Heat Transfer

P17 Detailed Flow and Thermal Field Measurements on a Scaled-Up Stator Vane [PDF-685KB]
Karen A. Thole Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University; and David G. Bogard University of Texas at Austin

P18 Airfoil Trailing [PDF-1203KB]
Satish Ramadhyani, Michael W. Pelesniak, Patrick B. Lawless, Aaron L. Brundage, and Neal E. Venters Purdue University

P19 Turbine Blade Tip, Endwall, and Platform Heat Transfer Including Rotational Effects [PDF-690KB]
Sanford Fleeter, Patrick B. Lawless, and Kirk D. Gallier Purdue University

P20 Mist/Steam Cooling for Advanced Turbine Systems [PDF-110KB]
Ting Wang University of New Orleans; and J. Leo Gaddis and Xianchang Li Clemson University

P21 Edge Cooling Heat Transfer on Turbine Blades with Rotation [PDF-943KB]
Richard J. Goldstein, Steven J. Olson, E.R.G. Eckert, S.V. Patankar, and S.C. Garrick University of Minnesota; and C. Camci Pennsylvania State University

P22 Impact of Endwall Flow and Wakes on Multistage Compressor Performance [PDF-235KB]
Yang-Sheng Tzeng and Choon-Sooi Tan Massachusetts Institute of Technology

P23 Improved Modeling Techniques for Turbomachinery Flow Fields [PDF-16KB] B. Lakshiminarayana and Edward Hall Pennsylvania State University

P24 Real Surface Effects on Turbine Heat Transfer and Aerodynamic Performance [PDF-1087KB]
Robert P. Taylor and B.K. Hodge Mississippi State University; Jeffrey Bons Air Force Institute of Technology; and Richard Rivir and Rolf Sandergaard Air Force Research Laboratory

P25 Aerodynamics, Heat Transfer, and Shape Optimization of Turbine Endwalls [PDF-2827KB]
Minking K. Chyu Carnegie Mellon University; Tom I.P. Shih Michigan State University; and Terrence W. Simon University of Minnesota

P26 Flow Field and Heat Transfer in a Model Gas Turbine Disk Cavity [PDF-3054KB]
Ramendra P. Roy, Guoping Xu, and Jun Feng Arizona State University

P27 Tip Clearance Heat Transfer and Desensitization in High Pressure Turbines [PDF-360KB]
Michael Durham, Jay Kapat, Alain Kassab, and Joseph Tapley University of Central Florida; and Charles MacArthur and Doug Rabe Air Force Research Laboratory

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