July 2014 Previous Issues / Print Version [PDF-1.4MB]
    • ASM International Honors NETL Work on Platinum-Chromium Alloy for Coronary Stents
    • Metallic Membranes Could be Key to Transforming Coal Syngas into Clean Hydrogen
    • Pressure Gain Combustor Completed and Ready for Testing
    • NETL Researchers Recognized for Innovative Technology Development
    • Laser-Induced Breakdown Spectroscopy for Carbon Dioxide Leak Detection
    • How Do the Size, Shape, and Atomic Vibrations of Catalysts Influence CO2 Conversion? 
    • NETL Project Receives Maximum Score in Solid Oxide Fuel Cell Program Peer Review
    • NETL Develops Geospatial Stochastic Model to Assess CO2 Storage
    • Hybrid Gas Turbine System Control Strategy Greatly Extends Fuel Cell Life
    • Recent NETL Publications
    • Patents Issued This Quarter


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