NETLog Archive
April 2014 Print Version [PDF-1.4MB]
  • NETL/Boston Scientific Corporation-Developed PtCr Alloy Used in New Family of Bare Metal Coronary Stents
  • Novel CO2 Capture Process Patented
  • Researchers Evaluate Capabilities of BLOSOM, NETL’s Blowout Oil Spill Model
  • Analytical Technique Shows Promise for Sensing CO2 Leakage in Deep Saline Formations
  • NETL-RUA Study Provides Key Insight into SOFC Performance
  • NETL Researchers Demonstrate Extreme Temperature Sensing with Optical Fiber Sensors
  • New Computational Tool Predicts Transport Properties in Advanced Alloys
  • NETL Researchers Investigate Underground Microbe Interaction
  • Density Functional Theory Book is Translated to Turkish

January 2014
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Netlognews January 2014
  • Rocks Demystified in Geomechanical Properties Lab
  • New Drilling Fluids Prepared for High-Temperature Drilling
  • Oxygen Carrier Successfully Prepared at Commercial Scale
  • Coal Characterization Study Selected for Energy Sector Series
  • New Raman Gas Sensor Technology Measures Fuel Gas
  • NETL Studies Foamed Cement to Help Stabilize Oil and Gas Wells
  • NETL Researchers Provide New Sorbent for Commercializing CO2 Capture Process
  • Recent NETL Publications
  • Patents Issued This Quarter

October 2013
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Netlognews October 2013
  • NETL Engineer's GIS Model Sought Nationwide for Life-Saving Search and Rescue
  • geoWELL Provides Quick Access to Subsurface Geologic and Wellbore Websites
  • Nanometer-Sized Plasmonic Heaters Convert Visible Light into Thermal Energy
  • NETL Wins Two 2013 R&D 100 Awards
  • High-Temperature Sensor Technologies to Increase Power Plant Efficiency
  • NETL-RUA Helps Engineer the Future of Energy
  • Compact, Portable Sensor Technology Monitors CO2
  • Capturing CO2 Using Magnesium Hydroxide Sorbent
  • NETL and Maryland Department of the Environment Sign MOU
  • Computational Modeling on Sorbents Advances CO2 Capture Technology
  • New Method Developed for Producing Potable Water Using Gas Hydrates
  • NETL Champion for Women Takes the Gold
  • NETL Researcher Named AIChE Fellow
  • Recent NETL Publications
  • Patents Issued This Quarter

July 2013
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Netlognews July 2013
  • NETL Scientist Named Finalist for Service to America Medal
  • New Breathalyzer Offers the Potential for Non-invasive Diabetes Monitoring
  • Database to Aid Advanced Alloy Processing
  • NETL Catalyst Produces Winner in Shale Gas Innovation Contest
  • NETL Research Highlights Potential Safety Concern of Nano-sized Aluminum Particles
  • NETL and NIST Collaborate to Study CO2 Capture Sorbents that 'Breathe'
  • National Academy of Sciences Publicizes Findings on Energy and Mining Workforce
  • Study Attributes Water Contamination in Abandoned Gas Wells to Coal Mine Drainage
  • NETL Scientist Receives NACE International Award
  • NETL Researcher Receives Award from the US Department of Justice
  • Models Supplied to Support Future Oxy-Combustion Demonstration at Full Scale
  • NETL and Waynesburg University Researchers Awarded Patent on Fly Ash Carbon Passivation
  • Recent NETL Publications
  • Patents Issued This Quarter

April 2013
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Netlognews April 2013
  • NETL Earns Carnegie Science Awards for Advanced Materials and Corporate Innovation
  • NETL Participates in Community-Based Job Effort
  • Wellbore Cement Research Acclaimed at American Petroleum Institute Meeting
  • First Carbon Capture Simulation Initiative Toolset Licensed
  • Research for Selective Oxidation in Oxy-fuel Combustion Environments
  • Publication Addresses the Optimization of Ionic Liquids for Carbon Capture
  • NETL's New Supercomputer Ranked Among the World's Top 100
  • NETL Files Patent Application for High-Speed Membrane Screening Device
  • Scientists Improve Method for Laser-Induced Breakdown Spectroscopy (LIBS)
  • Rapid Hydrate Formation Apparatus Nozzle Patent Issued
  • Recent NETL Publications
  • Patents Issued This Quarter

January 2013
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Netlognews January 2013
  • NETL Studies Ecology of Cold Air Traps in Temperate Climates
  • CO2 Injection in Geologic Formations Article Featured as Editor's Choice in Science
  • NETL Carbon Capture Sorbents Support U.S. Energy Independence
  • NETL/Boston Scientific Corporation-Developed PtCr Alloy Used for a New Family of Stents
  • Novel Method Traces Organic Contaminant Transport in Karst Aquifers
  • NETL Establishes Partnership with the American Indian Higher Education Institute
  • Producing Liquid Fuels Using Microalgae Reveals Potential
  • Oxy-combustion/Integrated Pollutant Removal (IPRTM) Receives European Patent
  • Divisional Patent Issued for High Temperature NETL Alloy
  • Recent NETL Publications
  • Patents Issued This Quarter

October 2012
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Netlognews October 2012
  • NETL Report Series Assesses the Current Role, Life Cycle Environmental Footprint, and Cost for Primary Sources of U.S. Electricity
  • IGCC Immersive Training System Deploys at NETL AVESTAR Center
  • Computational Modeling Software Applied to a Discrete Chemistry Model
  • Novel Sensor Provides Insight to Flow of Solids
  • NETL Laser Spark Plug Featured in Photonics Spectra
  • Impacts of Gas Hydrates on Deepwater Hydrocarbon Production Operations
  • Coal Gasification Demonstrated with in situ Capture of CO2 and Hydrogen Sulfide
  • Researcher Receives Outstanding Technical Achievement Award
  • Researchers Improve Hydrogen Separation in Coal Gasifications
  • Nanostructured Copper Catalysts Show Promise for CO2 Reuse Applications
  • Recent NETL Publications
  • Patents Issued This Quarter

July 2012
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Netlognews July 2012
  • NETL-Developed Carbon Capture Technology Wins 2012 R&D 100 Award
  • Field-proven Meter Rapidly Determines Carbon Dioxide Levels in Groundwater
  • NETL Scientists Awarded Prestigious Phase Equilibria Research Prize by the American Ceramic Society
  • Collaborative Stent Research Helps Create Hundreds of High Paying Jobs
  • NETL Issued Patent for Novel Catalyst Technology
  • NETL Releases New Energy Analysis Tool
  • AVESTAR Team Improves Modeling of Entrained-Flow Gasifiers for Use in IGCC Performance Optimization Studies
  • New Study Published on Poisoning by Sulfur
  • Recent NETL Publications No Patents Issued This Quarter

April 2012
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Netlognews April 2012
  • Novel Composite Materials Demonstrate Ultra-sensitivity-Gold nanowires on graphite templates used in gas sensing applications
  • Coronary Stent Wins Technology Transfer Award
  • University of Oregon Team Wins Competition for Commercializing NETL Technology
  • NETL & WVU Researchers Design New Catalysts for CO2 Management
  • Structurally Dynamic MOF Sorbent Selectively Adsorbs CO2 from Gas Mixtures
  • Award-winning NETL Software Successfully Interfaced with Chemical Process Simulator
  • Gasifier Modeling Software Available For Use With NETL Co-Simulator Software
  • Researchers Announce Latest Version Release of MFIX
  • Palladium Sorbents Show Extraordinary Capabilities
  • Recent NETL Publications
  • Patents Issued This Quarter

January 2012
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Netlognews January 2012
  • NETL Teams Earn Secretary of Energy Achievement Awards
  • Electric Current Locator: Sees What No Eye Can See
  • Former NETL ORISE Student Wins Award
  • Novel Catalyst Technology Helps Convert Diesel to Syngas
  • NETL Develops Technique for Detection of Mercury
  • Catalysts Developed for Oxidation of Mercury in Coal-Burning Power Plants 
  • New Method Identified For Measuring Corrosion Rates of Metals and Alloys in Low Electric Conductivity Environments
  • Novel Process and Device for Rapid Gas Hydrate Formation
  • Raman Gas Composition Sensor Undergoes Field Test
  • New Diagrams Illustrate How Energy Flowed in 2010
  • Recent NETL Publications
  • Patents Issued

October 2011
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Netlognews October 2011
  • NETL to Investigate Hydrate Phenomena
  • New Technologies Bolster Function of Prosthetic Limbs
  • NETL Scientist Wins 2011 Gustav Eirich Award 
  • Researcher Recognized for Work in CO2 Utilization 
  • NETL's APECS Co-simulation Technology Highlighted in CAPE-OPEN Presentation
  • National Risk Assessment Partnership holds Initial Stakeholder Group Meeting
  • Research Team Develops/Demonstrates Models to Optimize IGCC
  • Computational Methods Used to Study Dissolution of Engineered Biomaterials
  • Wyoming Geophysical Survey Completed for Potential Use of ProducedWater
  • Publications

July 2011
Print Version [PDF-2.71MB]
Netlognews July 2011
  • Second NETL-Korea Institute of Energy Research Workshop held in Korea
  • NETL Collaborates with National Geographic's JASON Project and Wins CODie Award
  • Researchers Study Integration of Air Separation Units within IGCC Plant
  • NETL Wins Three R&D 100 Awards
  • Oxidation of Ferritic Alloys in Oxyfuel Environments
  • Research Generates Interest within Titanium Community
  • New Technique Characterizes Real-Time Movement of CO2 Underground
  • NETL Researcher Named Associate Editor for New Nanomaterials Publication
  • New Report Compares Barnett and Marcellus Shales
  • NETL Researchers Publish Book on Fuel Processing for Fuel Cells
  • Team Receives Award for Carbon Capture Process
  • Journal Details DOE Method for Estimating Geologic Storage Potential of CO2
  • Researchers Develop Novel Approach to Combustion Modeling
  • Quantitative Particle Morphology Characterization Technique Developed

April 2011
Print Version [PDF-4.24MB]
April 2011 netlog
  • Helicopter Electromagnetic Surveys Locate Potential Hazards at Coal Waste Impoundments
  • NETL Center Completes Site Acceptance Test for IGCC Dynamic Simulator
  • New Repository for Natural Gas Hydrate Sediment Cores Opens
  • Nanoparticle Production Method Focuses on Cancer Treatment
  • NETL, NIST Collaboration Uses Neutrons to Study CO2 Sorbents
  • NETL, NASA Collaborate on Extreme Temperature Thermal Barrier Coatings
  • Experimental Ni-Based Superalloy Samples for Advanced Steam Turbine Applications
  • Researchers Use CO2 to Create Adhesives
  • IGCC Optimization Approach Enhances Efficiency, Flexibility
  • NETL Researchers Demonstrate New Approach to Manipulate Thermal Radiation
  • Tests Completed on Novel Low-Emission Fuel Injector
  • Review Published of In-Situ Electromagnetic Techniques for Oil Shale Processing
  • New Book Published on Computational Gas-solids Flows
  • New Structures Discovered in Carbon Nanotube Hybrid Systems
  • Researchers Publish Chapter on Materials Challenges in Renewable, Alternative Energy
  • Synchrotron X-rays Shine Light on the Reactivity of Water-Gas Shift Catalysts

January 2011
Print Version [PDF-1.6MB]
January 2011 netlog
  • NETL Researchers Receive 2010 R&D 100 Awards
  • NETL Employees Receive USGS Director's Award for Exemplary Service to the Nation
  • NETL Develops Smart Drilling Fluids Development of CO2-selective Mixed Matrix Membranes
  • Exciting New Raman Gas Sensor System
  • Third Carbon Sequestration Atlas Released
  • Instrument Developed to Determine Local Mass Flux
  • Novel CO2 Separation Concept Patented
  • Unmanned Helicopter System Monitors
  • NETL Research Included Among Top-20
  • Ultra-Deep Drilling Simulator Checks Out Positive
  • Corrosion of Pipeline Alloys in Supercritical CO2 Fluids Investigated
  • New Hydrocarbon Density Data Expanded for Unconventional Resource Extraction
  • NETL Researchers Develop a High Temperature, Surface Acoustic Wave Oxygen Sensor
  • NETL Develops a Novel Method to Couple Capture and Reuse of CO2
  • Recent NETL Publications

October 2010
Print Version [PDF-2.4MB]
October 2010 netlog
  • NETL Celebrates 100 Years of Research Excellence
  • JASON Project Collaboration Yields 3 CODiE Awards
  • NETL Develops Smart Drilling Fluids
  • MFIX Code Paper Selected Best of Computing Conference Session 
  • NETL Researchers Invent and Patent Removal Sorbent
  • Shakedown Testing of High-Pressure Combustion Facility Completed 
  • NETL Research Project Ranked 1st in an International Student Paper Competition 
  • Novel CO2 Monitoring Approach Field Tested 
  • Storage Retention Goals for Carbon Sequestration 
  • IGCC Dynamic Training Simulator Model Validated 
  • New Research Micro-CT Scanner Outperforms Medical CT 
  • Radio-Frequency Electromagnetic Fields Enhances Catalytic Activity 
  • NETL and Regional University Alliance Team Develop New Materials and Non-Destructive Evaluation Techniques 
  • NETL Sensor Research Featured in a New Book 
  • NETL Licenses Patented Technology to International Instrument Manufacturer 
  • Recent NETL Publications

July 2010
Print Version [PDF-1.9MB]
July 2010 netlog
  • CO2 Tracer Technology Successfully Tested
  • High Speed Particle Imaging Shows Success
  • Applying CFD Techniques to Fluidized-bed Reactors Book Published
  • NETL Researchers Contribute to New Syngas Combustion Book
  • CO2 Reuse Photocatalysts One of Top 10 Most Accessed Papers
  • New Insight into Activating Fischer-Tropsch Catalysts
  • Seismic Surveys Track Carbon Dioxide Movement Underground
  • Coal Seam Carbon Sequestration Successfully Simulated
  • NETL Explores Potential Beneficial Uses of Captured CO2
  • NETL Initiates the World’s Most Comprehensive Benchmarking of Fluid Dynamic Models
  • NETL and CMU Launch Collaborative Initiative
  • Fuel Cell/Turbine Hybrid System Successfully Simulated
  • New Inspection Sensor for Plastic Pipeline
  • Recent NETL Publications

April 2010
Print Version [PDF-2.5MB]
April 2010 netlog
  • NETL Catalyst Successfully Reforms Biodiesel in Integrated Fuel Cell Test
  • NETL Signs Technical Cooperation Agreement with Chinese Clean Energy Company
    U.N. Environmental Program Review of Gas Hydrates R&D
  • Energy Plant Design Software Wins Award
  • NETL Presents Advanced Energy Plant Operations, Future Training
  • New Technique to Form Methane Hydrate
  • Polymer Synthesis Laboratory Focuses on Materials for CO2 Capture and Conversions
  • Coal Seam Carbon Sequestration Simulation
  • Fluidized-Bed Combustion Testing
  • Non-linear Fluid Models Aid in Oil Drilling
  • Hydraulic Compression Technology Evaluated for CO2 Sequestration Applications
  • New Model Developed for SOFC Electrode
  • Metallic Interconnects Perform
  • EPA Chooses NETL Model for National Standard
  • Appliance Technology Tested for Standby Power Consumption
  • NETL Assesses Thermodynamics of Selected Refractory Alloys
  • Tracers Track the Subsurface Movement of CO2 at Test Site
  • Thermodynamic Modeling Used to Select Iron Alloys for Testing
  • NETL Method Measures Subsurface Water Interaction with Coal Utilization By-product (CUB)
  • NETL Researchers Investigate Sorbent for the Selective Adsorption and Capture of CO2

January 2010
Print Version [PDF-2.5MB]
January 2010 netlog
  • NETL Director to Retire
  • Debut of Ultra-deep Drilling Simulator
  • Hybrid Technology Response Modeled to Changes in Power Demand
  • Study Examines Convection-Radiation Heat Transfer in Nonlinear Fluid
  • Underground Coal Fires
  • Improved Multiphase Flow Solver Released
  • Conversion Indices for Coal Size and Density Fractions
  • Technique Patented to Optimize Catalyst Size for Chemical Reactors
  • High-Speed Particle Imaging Technology Extended to Energy and Medical Applications
  • Promising New Photocatalyst Developed for CO2 Reuse
  • New Option for Sequestration of CO2
  • Labs Host National Geographic’s JASON Argonauts
  • Interactive Tool Available to Compare Plant Cost and Performance Data
  • Patented Mercury Capture Method Successful in Bench Tests
  • New Capability for Fuel Cell Materials Characterization
  • Potential Uses for Carbon Dioxide Captured from Coal-Burning Power Plants
  • SOFC Testing Completed at NCCC/PSDF Facility
  • Article Describes Role of SOFC in Future Power Systems
  • First SECA-Stack Test Performed
  • NETL Researchers Developing Energy Storage Materials for Smart Grid
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