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ARRA Date Title Recipient Name Location DOE/NETL Sponsors
N 10/06/2015 Reducing the Impact of Gas Shale Development:  Advanced Analytical Methods... Prime:  RPSEA Sub:  GSI Environmental, Inc./TAMU TEES Malaga, Eddy County, NM FE/SCNGO
N 09/29/2015 Subsea Produced Water Sensor Development (Revised CX) Prime:  RPSEA Subs:  Clearview Subsea LLC, Digitrol, ProAnalysis, JM Canty Houston, TX FE/SCNGO
N 09/29/2015 Hydraulic Fracturing Test Site Prime:  Gas Technology Institute Sub:  Laredo Petroleum, Inc. Reagan County, TX FE/SCNGO
N 09/28/2015 Design/Build Kroll Room Upgrade Project  Ferguson Contracting Albany, OR FE/OIO/ITD
N 09/25/2015 MRCSP Phase III Project - Task 1.6.2 Clearwater #1 Well Characterization Battelle Moorefield Township, OH FE/SCC/Storage Division
N 09/25/2015 Hydrate Modeling & Flow Loop Experiments for Water Continuous and Dispersed Systems Prime:  RPSEA Subs:  Oceanit Laboratories Inc., Colorado School of Mines Honolulu, HI Golden, CO FE/SCNGO
N 09/25/2015 Hydrate Modeling & Flow Loop Experiments for Water Continuous and Dispersed Systems Paulsson, Inc. (RPSEA) Van Nuys, CA FE/SCNGO
N 09/25/2015 Demolition of Buildings 18, 27, 27A, 28, and 30 TBD Morgantown, WV FE/OIO/Site Operations Division
N 09/24/2015 Real-Time In-Situ CO2 Monitoring (RICO2M) Network for Sensitive Subsurface Areas in CCS Intelligent Optical Systems Alberta, Canada FE/SCC/Storage Division
N 09/24/2015 MRCSP Phase III Project - Bagley Reef Monitoring  Battelle Bagley Township, MI FE/SCC/Storage Division
N 09/23/2015 Large Pilot Scale Testing of LINDE/BASF Post-Combustion CO2 Capture Technology at the Abbott Coal-Fired Power Plant Prime:  University of Illinois Subs:  Linde, LLC, Affiliated Engineers, Inc. Multiple sites, Multiple states FE/SCC/Capture Division
N 09/23/2015 NRG CO2NCEPT Prime:  NRG Energy, Inc. Sub:  Inventys Houston, TX Burnaby, BC, Canada FE/SCC/Capture Division
N 09/23/2015 Zeolite Membrane Reactor for Pre-Combustion Carbon Dioxide Capture Prime:  Arizona State University Subs:  University of Cincinnati, Media and Process Technology, National Carbon Capture Center Tempe, AZ Cincinnati, OH Wilsonville, AL Pittsburgh, PA FE/SCC/Capture Division
N 09/22/2015 B-922 Roof Replacement N/A, TBD South Park Township, PA FE/OIO/Site Operations Division
N 09/18/2015 Advanced Ultra-supercritical (AUSC) Component Testing Prime:  Energy Industries of Ohio Subs:  Electric Power Research Institute, Alstom Power, Babcock & Wilcox, Youngstown Thermal, General Electric Inc., AECOM, TEG Multiple sites, Multiple states FE/SCC/Crosscutting Research Division
N 09/18/2015 Programmable Sealant-Loaded Mesoporous Nanoparticles for Gas/Liquid Leakage Mitigation Prime:  C-Crete Technologies Subs:  Baker Hughes, Rice University Houston, TX FE/SCC/Storage Division
N 09/18/2015 Development of a Thermal Spray, Redox Stable, Ceramic Anode for Metal Supported Solid Oxide Fuel Cells Prime:  GE Fuel Cells Sub:  West Virginia University Malta, NY Morgantown, WV FE/SCC/AESD
N 09/17/2015 Advanced Solvent-Based CO2 Capture Technology Large Pilot Prime:  Southern Co. Services Subs:  AECOM, Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Birmingham, AL Austin, TX   Houston, TX FE/SCC/Capture Division
N 09/17/2015 Chemical Looping Reactor Project DOE NETL Morgantown Morgantown, WV FE/ORD/RPDT
N 09/17/2015 Large Bench-Scale Development of a Non-Aqueous Solvent CO2 Capture Process for Coal-fired Power Plants Utilizing Real Coal-Dervied Flue Gas Prime:  RTI International Subs:  SINTEF, Linde Research Triangle Park, NC Trondheim, Norway Murray Hill, NJ FE/SCC/Capture Division
N 09/17/2015 Pilot Test of Novel Electrochemical Membrane System for CO2 Capture & Power Generation Prime:  FuelCell Energy Subs:  AECOM, National Carbon Capture Center Multiple sites, Multiple states FE/SCC/Capture Division
N 09/16/2015 Novel High Temp Carbide & Boride Ceramics for Direct Power Extraction Electrode Applications Florida International University Miami, FL FE/SCC/Crosscutting Research Div.
N 09/16/2015 Metal 3D Printing of Low-NOX Fuel Injectors with Integrated Temperature Sensors University of Texas - El Paso El Paso, TX FE/SCC/Crosscutting Research Division
N 09/16/2015 SOFC Prototype System Test Prime:  Fuel Cell Energy Subs:  Versa Power Systems, Inc.  Versa Power Systems, Ltd.  Danbury, CT Littleton, CO Calgary, Alberta, Canada FE/SCC/AESD
N 09/15/2015 Coal Syngas Combustor Development for High-Pressure, Oxy-Fuel Supercritical CO2 Cycle Applications Prime:  8 Rivers Capital Sub:  Creative Power Solutions Fountain Hills, CA FE/SCC/AESD
N 09/15/2015 Pilot Proposal for Reducing the Cost of CO2 Capture and Compression-Advanced CO2 Dresser-Rand Company Multiple sites, WA and NY FE/SCC/Capture Division
N 09/14/2015 Bench Scale Testing of Next Generation Hollow Fiber Membrane Modules Prime:  American Air Liquide Subs: Medal, National Carbon Capture Center (NCCC), Parsons Corporation Newark, DE Newport, DE Wilsonville, AL FE/SCC/Capture Division
N 09/14/2015 Resilient DC Microgrid Solution for REDI Prime:  City of Boulder Subs:  Boulder Reservoir Water Treatment Plant, Pos En, Colorado Clean Energy Cluster, National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL) Boulder, CO Fort Collins, CO Golden, CO OE/OEPM/EDTD
N 09/14/2015 Large Pilot CAER Heat Integrated Post-Combustion CO2 Capture Technology Prime:  University of Kentucky Subs: Electric Power Research Institute, Smith Management Group, Worley Parsons, Koch Modular Process Systems, CMTA Consulting Engineers Multiple sites, Multiple states FE/SCC/Capture Division
N 09/14/2015 Subsea Produced Water Sensor Development Prime:  RPSEA Subs:  ProAnalysis, J.M. Canty, Inc., Digitrol Industria Ecomercio LTDA Houston, TX Bergen, Norway Sao Paulo, Brazil Lockport, NY FE/SCNGO
N 09/14/2015 Energy Efficient GO-PEEK Hybrid Membrane Process for Post-Combustion CO2 Capture Prime:  Gas Technology Institute Subs: PoroGen Corporation, University of South Carolina Des Plaines, IL Woburn, MA Columbia, SC    FE/SCC/Capture Division
N 09/11/2015 Improving Energy Efficiency of Air Separation via Hollow Fiber Sorbents Prime:  Praxair, Inc. Sub:  Georgia Institute of Technology Tonawanda, WV Atlanta, GA FE/SCC/AESD
N 09/11/2015 Lab-Scale Development of a Solid Sorbent for CO2 Capture Process for Coal-Fired Power Plants RTI International Research Triangle Park, NC FE/SCC/Capture Division
N 09/11/2015 Wellbore Leakage Mitigation Using Advanced Mineral Precipitation Strategies Prime: Montana State University Subs: Montana Emergent Technologies, Inc., Schlumberger, Inc., University of Stuttgart Bozeman MT    Oilmont MT       Butte, MT        Denver, CO Stuttgart, Germany  FE/SCC/Storage Division
N 09/11/2015 Improvement of Alstom's Chilled Ammonia Process Large Pilot with the Use of... Prime:  Alstom Power Inc. Subs:  Technology Center Mongstad (TCM), ElectroSep, General Electric, Georgia Institute of Technology Knoxville, TN Mongstad, Norway Plattsburgh, NY, Peachtree City, GA Atlanta, GA FE/SCC/Capture Division
N 09/10/2015 Rockville Centre SCADA, RTU & Relay Project Prime:  Village of Rockville Centre Subs: Advanced Control Systems (ACS), Navigant, CSA Engineering Rockville Centre, NY Peachtree Corners, GA Burlington, MA Rockville Centre, NY OE/OEPM/EDTD
N 09/10/2015 Evaluation of Concentrated Piperazine for CO2 Capture from Coal-Fired Flue Gas  Prime:  URS Group, Inc. Subs:  University of Texas - Austin, Trimeric Multiple sites, TX FE/SCC/Capture Division
N 09/10/2015 Integrated Seismic Monitoring System (ISMS) for Geologic Storage of CO2 Prime:  Archer Daniels Midland Subs: Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, United States Geological Survey, Silixa Limited, Richland Community College, Illinois State Geological Survey Multiple sites, Multiple states FE/SCC/Storage Division
N 09/10/2015 Kinetics and Catalyst Laboratory (KCL) NETL Morgantown, WV FE/ORD/EPID
N 09/09/2015 Modification to SOFC Multi-Cell Array Kirk Gerdes Morgantown, WV FE/ORD/Thermal Sciences Division
N 09/09/2015 Enabling 10 mol/kg Swing Capacity via Heat Integrated Sub-Ambient Pressure Swing Prime:  Georgia Tech Research Sub:  Inmondo Tech, Inc. Atlanta, GA FE/SCC/Capture Division
N 09/08/2015 Offshore Storage Resource Assessment NITEC LLC Denver, CO FE/SCC/Storage Division
N 09/08/2015 Innovative SOFC Technologies Prime:  Fuel Cell Energy Subs:  Sonata, University of Connecticut, Versa Danbury, CT       Bethel, CT         Storrs, CT      Littleton, CO    Calgary, Alberta, Canada FE/SCC/AESD
N 09/08/2015 Ion Advanced Solvent CO2 Capture Pilot Project Prime:  ION Engineering Sub:  Technology Centre Mongstad Mongstad, Norway FE/SCC/Capture Division
N 09/04/2015 Development of Intelligent Monitoring System (IMS) Modules for the Aquistore CO2 Storage Project University of North Dakota EERC Grand Forks, ND FE/SCC/Storage Division
N 09/04/2015 Support for Methane Hydrate Research on the Alaska North Slope Prime:  Petrotechnical Resources of Alaska (PRA) Subs:  Environmental Resources Management Alaska, Inc., Loundsbury & Associates, Inc., Peak Oilfield Services Company, LLC., Maritime Helicopters Inc. Multiple sites, Anchorage and North Slope, AK FE/SCNGO
N 09/04/2015 Integrated Testing of a Membrane CO2 Capture Process with a Coal-Fired Boiler Prime:  MTR, Inc. Sub:  Babcock and Wilcox, Inc. Newark, CA Barberton, OH FE/SCC/Capture Division
N 09/04/2015 Targeted Mineral Carbonation to Enhance Wellbore Integrity Prime:  University of Virginia Sub:  Princeton University Charlottesville, VA Princeton, NJ FE/SCC/Storage Division
N 09/04/2015 Subsea Produced Water Sensor Development (Revised CX) Prime:  RPSEA Sub:  Clearview Subsea Houston, TX FE/SCNGO
N 09/04/2015 Improving Turbine Efficiencies through Heat Transfer and Aerodynamic Research in the Steady Thermal Aero Research Turbine (START) Prime:  Penn State University Sub:  Pratt & Whitney State College, PA Hartford, CT FE/SCC/AESD
N 09/03/2015 Building Community Resilience Homestead Utilities Homestead, FL OE/OEPM/EDTD
N 09/03/2015 A Nonconventional CO2-EOR Target in the Illinois Basin: Oil Reservoirs of the Thick Cypress Sandstone Prime:  Illinois State Geological Society Sub:  Schlumberger Carbon Services Grantsburg, IL Noble, IL FE/SCC/Storage Division
N 09/03/2015 SMUD Resilient Grid Initiative The Sacramento Municipal Utility District (SMUD) Sacramento, CA OE/OEPM/EDTD
N 09/03/2015 A Microalgae-based Platform for the Beneficial Reuse of CO2 Emissions from Power Plants Prime:  University of Kentucky Subs:  University of Delaware, ALGIX Lexington, KY Lewes, DE Meridian, MS FE/SCC/Capture Division
N 09/03/2015 A Probabilistic Assessment of the Geomechanical Response to CO2 Injections in Flood Basalt Reservoirs (Location Change) Virginia Tech Blacksburg, VA FE/SCC/Storage Division
N 09/03/2015 Combustion Synthesis of Boride-Based Electrode Materials for MHD Direct Power Extraction University of Texas at El Paso El Paso, TX FE/SCC/Crosscutting Research Division
N 09/02/2015 A Framework for Data Integration, Assimilation, and Learning University of Texas Austin, TX FE/SCC/Storage Division
N 09/02/2015 Microalgae Commodities from Coal Plant Flue Gas CO2 Prime:  MicroBio Engineering Subs:  Orlando Utilities Commission, University of Florida, Arizona State University San Luis Obispo, CA Orlando, FL Gainesville, FL Mesa, AZ FE/SCC/Capture Division
N 09/01/2015 Amine-Incorporated Porous Polymer Networks (aPPNs) as Sorbents for Post-Combustion CO2 Capture Prime:  Texas A&M University Sub:  framergy, Inc. College Station, TX FE/SCC/Capture Division
N 09/01/2015 High Efficiency, Ultra-Compact Process for Pre-Combustion CO2 Capture  Prime:  University of Southern California Subs:  University of California - Los Angeles, Media and Process Technology, Inc. Los Angeles, CA Pittsburgh, PA FE/SCC/Capture Division
N 08/31/2015 Nonlinear Acoustic Methods for the Detection and Monitoring of CO2/Brine Leakage Pathways in Wellbore Systems Prime:  Los Alamos National Laboratory Subs:  Sandia National Laboratory, University of New Mexico, Chevron Energy Technology Company Multiple sites, Multiple state, and Switzerland FE/SCC/Storage Division
N 08/28/2015 An Interdisciplinary Approach to Integratable, Composable and Evolvable Cybersecurity in Energy Delivery Systems Prime:  University of Arkansas Subs:  University of Arkansas - Little Rock, Lehigh University, Florida International University, Carnegie Mellon University, Arkansas Electric Cooperative Corp. Multiple sites, Multiple states OE/OEPM/EDTD
N 08/28/2015 Sorption Enhanced Mixed Matrix Membranes for H2 Purfication & CO2 Capture Prime:  University of Buffalo Subs:  Helios-NRG, National Carbon Capture Center Buffalo, NY East Amherst, NY Wilsonville, AL FE/SCC/Capture Division
N 08/28/2015 Combined Sorbent/WGS-based CO2 Capture Process with Integrated Heat Management for IGCC Systems Prime:  Southern Research Subs:  IntraMicron, Inc., Nexant, Inc. Durham, NC Auburn, AL San Francisco, CA FE/SCC/Capture Division
N 08/28/2015 Integrated Wellbore Integrity Analysis Program for CO2 Storage Applications Prime:  Battelle Memorial Institute Subs:  WV Geological and Economic Survey, Core Energy Columbus, OH Morgantown, WV Traverse City, MI FE/SCC/Storage Division
N 08/27/2015 Chemical Looping Coal Gasification Sub-Pilot Unit Demonstratino and Economic Assessment for IGCC Applications Prime:  Ohio State University Subs:  Worley Parsons, Clear Skies Consulting Columbus, OH Reading, PA Charlotte, NC FE/SCC/AESD
N 08/27/2015 Low-Cost, Durable, Containment-Tolerant Cathodes for SOFCs Georgia Institute of Technology Atlanta, GA FE/SCC/AESD
N 08/27/2015 Hydrogen Fuel-Cell Electric Hybrid Truck Demonstration Prime:  Houston-Galveston Area Council (H-GAC) Sub:  Gas Technologies Institute Baytown, TX EE/OEPM/PVTD
N 08/27/2015 Reconciling Basin-Scale Top-Down and Bottom-Up Methane Emission Measurements for Onshore Oil and Gas Development (Tasks 9 and 10) Prime:  Colorado School of Mines Subs:  Multiple (nine) Multiple sites, Multiple states FE/SCNGO
N 08/27/2015 CERC-ACTC Phase II Prime:  West Virginia University Subs:  University of Wyoming, University of Kentucky, Washington University, Los Alamos National Laboratory, Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory, Indiana Geological Survey, Illinois State Geological Survey, WRI, CEF Multiple sites, Multiple states FE/International/Fossil
N 08/25/2015 Site Access Control Expansion Facility Support Services Albany, OR FE/OIO/Site Operations Division
N 08/25/2015 Subtask 2.1 – Pathway to Low-Carbon Lignite Utilization University of North Dakota EERC Grand Forks, ND FE/SCC/Capture Division
N 08/25/2015 Lab-Scale Development of a Hybrid Capture System with Advanced Membrane, Solvent Contractor, and Process Integration Prime:  Liquid Ion Solutions Subs:  Carbon Capture Scientific LLC, Penn State University Pittsburgh, PA University Park, PA FE/SCC/Capture Division
N 08/24/2015 Processing of SOFC Anodes for Enhanced Catalytic Activity Boston University Boston, MA FE/SCC/AESD
N 08/24/2015 Cyber Resilient Energy Delivery Consortium (CREDC) Prime:  University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign Subs:  Multiple (10) Multiple sites, Multiple states OE/OEPM/EDTD
N 08/24/2015 LSCF-CDZ Composite Cathodes For Improved SOFC Electrical Performance Kettering University Flint, MI FE/SCC/AESD
N 08/21/2015 Gas Hydrate Dynamics on the Alaskan Beaufort Continental Slope US Geological Survey Northern Atlantic Margin FE/SCNGO
N 08/20/2015 Retrieving data. Wait a few seconds and try to cut or copy again. Colorado School of Mines Golden, CO FE/SCNGO
N 08/20/2015 Two-Phase Dense Fluid Expander for Advanced Cryogenic Air Separation  Air Products and Chemicals Trexlertown, PA Allentown, PA FE/SCC/AESD
N 08/18/2015 Program and Communications Strategy and Implementation for Solid-State Lighting Rack-Wildner & Reese, Inc. dba Akoya Pittsburgh, PA Buffalo, NY Washington, DC EE/OEPM/BETD
N 08/17/2015 Milford Site for Frontier Observatory for Geothermal Energy (FORGE) Prime:  University of Utah Sub:  Gareth Larsen (Independent Contractor) Cedar City, UT FE/SCNGO
N 08/17/2015 Nanoparticle Injection Technology for Remediating Leaks of CO2 Storage Formation Prime:  University of Colorado Sub:  Sandia National Laboratory Boulder, CO Albuquerque, NM FE/SCC/Storage Division
N 08/17/2015 Advanced Ultrasupercritical (AUSC) Materials Thick-Walled Cycling Header Development for Comtest-AUSC Prime:  Alstom Power, Inc. Subs:  General Electric Global Research Windsor, CT Niskayuna, NY FE/SCC/Crosscutting Research Division
N 08/14/2015 Novel Temperature Sensors and Wireless Telemetry for Active Condition Monitoring of Advanced Gas Turbines Prime:  Siemens Corporation Subs:  Siemens Energy, Inc., Arkansas Power Electronics International Charlotte, NC Casselberry, FL Fayetteville, AR FE/SCC/Crosscutting Research Division
N 08/14/2015 B-65 Cylinder Pad Extensive Refurb & Fire Line Replacement N/A, TBD South Park Township, PA FE/OIO/Site Operations Division
N 08/14/2015 Development of Low-Leakage Shaft End Seals for Utility-Scale SCO2 Turbo Expanders (Revised CX) Prime:  GE Global Research Subs:  GE Power and Water, Southwest Research Institute Niskayuna, NY Schenectady, NY San Antonio, TX FE/SCC/AESD
N 08/14/2015 Model-Based Extracted Water Desalination System for Carbon Sequestration Prime:  GE Global Research Subs:  GE Oil and Gas Technology, Pennsylvania State University Niskayuna, NY Oklahoma City, OK University Park, PA FE/SCC/Crosscutting Research Division
N 08/13/2015 Development of Low-Cost, Highly-Sinterable, Co-Free (Ni,Fe)3O4 Spinel-Based Contact Materials for SOFC Cathode-Side Contact Application Tennessee Technological University Cookeville, TN FE/SCC/AESD
N 08/13/2015 Building 35 Chemical Storage Facility Mike Hayes Albany, OR FE/OIO/Site Operations Division
N 08/13/2015 Improvement of Alstom's Limestone Chemical Looping Combustion Process Prime:  Alstom Power, Inc. Subs:  University of North Dakota, Envergex Windsor, CT Bloomfield, CT Grand Forks, ND Sturbridge, MA FE/SCC/AESD
N 08/13/2015 Advanced Materials and Manufacturing Processes for MW-Scale SOFC Power Systems for Improved Stack Reliability, Durability, and Cost Prime:  LG Fuel Cell Systems Subs:  Rolls Royce Fuel Cell Systems, Carpenter Technology Canton, OH        Derby, Derbyshire, UK,                Reading, PA FE/SCC/AESD
N 08/11/2015 Innovative, Versatile and Cost-Effective Solid Oxide Fuel Cell Stack Concept Prime:  University of California, San Diego Sub:  FuelCell Energy La Jolla, CA  Danbury, CT FE/SCC/AESD
N 08/11/2015 Hybrid Encapsulated Ionic Liquids for Post-Combustion CO2 Capture Prime:  University of Notre Dame Sub:  Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory Notre Dame, IN Livermore, CA FE/SCC/Capture Division
N 08/11/2015 Developing Accelerated Test Protocols for Improving Robustness, Reliability, and Endurance of SOFC Cells Univ of South Carolina Columbia, SC FE/SCC/AESD
N 08/10/2015 Novel Biphasic CO2 Absorption Process w/ Multiple Stages of Phase Separation... Prime:  University of Illinois Subs:  Illinois Sustainable Technology Center, Applied Research Institute, Trimeric Corporation Champaign, IL             Buda, TX FE/SCC/Capture Division
N 08/07/2015 Assessment of CO2 Storage Resources in Depleted Oil and Gas Fields in the Ship Shoal Area, Gulf of Mexico GeoMechanics Technologies Monrovia, CA Houston, TX FE/SCC/Storage Division
N 08/07/2015 Low-Cost, Efficient, and Durable High Temperature Wireless Sensors by Direct Write Additive Manfuacturing for Application in Fossil Energy Systems Prime:  Washington State University Sub: University of Texas El Paso Pullman, WA             El Paso, TX FE/SCC/Crosscutting Research Division
N 08/06/2015 Scalable Nano-Scaffold SOFC Anode Architecture Enabling Direct Hydrocarbon Utilization West Virginia University Morgantown, WV FE/SCC/AESD
N 08/06/2015 Optimization, Scale-up, and Design of Coal-Dependent Methanogenesis in Preparation for In-Situ Field Demonstration Prime:  Montana State University Subs:  Montana Emergent Technologes, Inc., U.S. Geological Survey, Shell Global Solutions International BV Multiple sites, Multiple states FE/SCC/AESD
N 08/06/2015 Treatment and Reutilization of Impaired Water Prime:  Ohio University Sub:  West Virginia University Athens, OH Morgantown, WV FE/SCC/Crosscutting Research Division
N 08/06/2015 Field Demonstration of an Active Reservoir Pressure Management through Fluid Injection and Displaced Fluid Extraction at the Rock Springs Uplift, a Priority Geologic CO2 Storage Site for Wyoming Prime:  University of Wyoming Subs:  Battelle, Inc, Los Alamos National Laboratory, Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory, Water Systems Specialists, Inc. Multiple sites, Multiple states FE/SCC/Storage Division
N 08/05/2015 Evaluation and Demonstration of Commercialization Potential of CCSI Tools within gPROMS Advanced Simulation Platform Prime:  Process Systems Enterprise Subs:  Carnegie Mellon University, West Virginia University Cedar Knolls, NJ London, UK Pittsburgh, PA Morgantown, WV FE/SCC/Crosscutting Research Division
N 08/04/2015 High Power, Low Cost SOFC Stacks for Robust and Reliable Distributed Generation Prime: Redox Power Systems Subs: University of Maryland Energy Research Center (UMERC), University of Maryland Center for Advanced Life Cycle Engineering (CALCE) College Park, MD FE/SCC/AESD
N 08/04/2015 MFIX-DEM Phi: Performance and Capability Improvements Towards Industrial Grade Open-source DEM Framework with Integrated Uncertainty Quantification Prime: Arizona State University Subs: Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory, Sandia National Laboratory "Phoenix, AZ Livermore, CA Albuquerque, NM Livermore, CA" FE/SCC/Crosscutting Research Division
N 08/04/2015 Technology Development of High Temperature Recuperators for SCO2 Power Cycles Prime: Thar Energy, LLC Subs: Georgia Institute of Technology, Southwest Research Institute Pittsburgh, PA Atlanta, GA San Antonio, TX FE/SCC/AESD
N 08/03/2015 Integrated Computational Engineering (ICME) Development of Advanced Steels Prime: USAMP Sub: The Ohio State University Columbus, OH EE/OEPM/PVTD
N 08/03/2015 Brine Extraction and Treatment Strategies to Enhance Pressure Management and Control of CO2 Plumes in Deep Geologic Formations Prime: University of Illinois Subs: Archer Daniels Midland, Schlumberger Carbon Services, Trimeric Corporation Multiple sites, Multiple states FE/SCC/Storage Division
N 08/03/2015 Surface and Airborne Monitoring Technology for Detecting Geologic Leakage in a CO2-Enhanced Oil Recovery Pilot, Anadarko Basin, Texas Oklahoma State University Waka, TX FE/SCC/Storage Division
N 08/03/2015 Advanced Control Architecture and Sensor Information Development for Process Automation, Optimization, and Imaging of Chemical Looping Systems Prime: Ohio State University Susb: Babcock and Wilcox, Tech4Imaging Columbus, OH Barberton, OH, Columbus, OH FE/SCC/Crosscutting Research Division
N 08/03/2015 Field Testing and Diagnostics of Radial-Jet Well Stimulation for EOR from Marginal Reserves Prime: NM Inst. of Mining Subs: Harvard Petroleum Eddy County, NM, Viper Drill, LLC Eddy County, NM Eddy County, NM FE/SCNGO
N 08/03/2015 A Scaling Study of Microbially-Enhanced Coalbed Methane (MECBM): Optimizing Nutrient Delivery for Maximized Methane Production Prime: Pennsylvania State University Subs: Southern Illinois University at Carbondale, Illinois Basin, Lawrenceville, IL, San Juan Basin, CO or NM University Park, PA Carbondale, IL Lawrenceville, IL San Juan Basin, CO or NM FE/SCC/AESD