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Workshops at NETL


NETL strives to “educate the educator” by providing workshops and seminars for K-12 teachers. These events are held throughout the year, with each one providing different topical material for teachers to take back and execute in their classrooms. To be informed about upcoming workshops and other K-12 education events, please send an email to We would be pleased to add you to our mailing list.

The following workshops are held annually at NETL:

Triple E (Energy, Environment and Economics) Seminar 
November 15–16, 2018
This 2-day workshop is offered to elementary and middle school teachers in partnership with the Spectroscopy Society of Pittsburgh. Teachers who attend acquire hands-on, classroom-friendly experiments to take back to their classrooms, as well as supplies for classroom activities. Pennsylvania teachers receive 10 professional education hours (Act 48). There is no fee to attend. U.S. Citizens Only.

Light, Color, and Spectroscopy for Kids Workshop
April 4, 2019
At this full-day workshop, elementary and middle school teachers explore a wide variety of activities to assist their students in understanding important concepts about light and color. Teachers receive most of the materials needed to perform these activities in their own classrooms, and Pennsylvania teachers receive 5 professional education hours (Act 48). The workshop is sponsored by the Spectroscopy Society of PittsburghU.S. Citizens Only.

Computer Software Workshop for High School Chemistry and Physics Teachers
April 11, 2019
High school chemistry and physics teachers are tutored on data manipulation software, physics laboratory software and simulation, and classroom programs at this full-day, computer-based workshop. All of the software is up-to-date, user-friendly, and well adapted for the science classroom, science laboratory, or homework assignments. Teachers are provided copies of the software to take back to their classrooms and students, and Pennsylvania teachers receive 5 professional education hours (Act 48). The workshop is sponsored by the Society of Analytical Chemists of PittsburghU.S. Citizens Only.