Earth Day Poster Contest

2014 Earth Day Poster Winners Announced

We are proud to announce the winners of the 2014 NETL Earth Day Poster contest. Students from schools across the country participated this year and we have chosen the top three entries in each grade (K-5). NETL Earth Day medals will be presented to all winners and certificates will be given to all participants.

Photos of the winning entries are displayed below by grade.

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Kindergarten First Grade Second Grade
Third Grade Fourth Grade Fifth Grade
Winners By Grade


1st -Natalia Gonzalez / Holy Trinity School
2nd - Helene Ludwick / Holy Trinity School
3rd - Reagan Karda / Sloan Elementary
HM - Sophia Hubert / St. Mary School

1st - Carrie Betten / Holy Trinity School
2nd - Ashlyn Gill / Holy Trinity School
3rd - Riley Lecker / Holy Trinity School
HM - Alexis Dorisio / Westwood Elementary School

1st - Kailey Stakich
2nd - Thomas Torcasio / Pittsburgh Carmalt PreK-8
3rd - Isabella Garrity
HM - Collin Harris
HM - Skylar Byrnes / St. Mary School

1st - Caroline Gao / North Albany Elementary
2nd - Alan Betten / Holy Trinity School
3rd - Kate Mickle / Holy Trinity School
HM - William Coleman / Pittsburgh Carmalt PreK-8

1st - Kennedy Walsh / Holy Trinity School
2nd - Madi Shiavo / Holy Trinity School
3rd - Jillian Frosell / Holy Trinity School
HM - McKenna Chestnutt / St. Malachy School

1st - Hannah Ye / Holy Trinity School
2nd - Cassidy Ashbaugh / Holy Trinity School
3rd - Tony Bianchi / Dormont Elementary
HM - Cassidy Angle / Dormont Elementary


NETL is one of the U.S. Department of Energy’s national laboratories. NETL – “the ENERGY lab” – focuses on America’s economic prosperity, which requires secure, reliable energy supplies at sustainable prices. Three overarching issues characterize the energy situation in the United States. They are energy affordability, supply security, and environmental quality. The Department of Energy’s only government-owned, government-operated national lab, NETL is a research and technology center where these energy challenges converge and energy solutions emerge. NETL implements a broad spectrum of energy and environmental research and development programs through its own research staff and through funded research at other labs, universities, and industry that will return benefits for generations to come.

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