Business Opportunities

NETL offers many business opportunities, using a variety of contract and funding vehicles.

Solicitations and Funding Opportunities

NETL uses Fedconnect and/or, and FedBizOpps to post solicitations, funding opportunity announcements, and amendments; receive proposals and applications; and disseminate award information. Entities wishing to participate in these solicitations will need to register at these websites.

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Technology Transfer

The Laboratory dedicates significant efforts to transferring information and technologies to universities and colleges as well as other government entities and private-sector companies.

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Site Support Contractor Solicitations

As part of NETL’s strategy to provide information that may benefit potential offerors in preparing their proposals, content is provided to assist the reader in gaining an enhanced understanding of the requirement.  Virtual tours of the NETL laboratory facilities are available for viewing.

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Unsolicited Proposals

The Department of Energy's central point of receipt for all Unsolicited Proposals is the National Energy Technology Laboratory as outlined in the link below, which includes all DOE Program Research Areas.

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Available Property

NETL offers surplus equipment for sale to the public and provides opportunities for colleges and universities to acquire laboratory equipment.

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Visiting NETL

Access to any of NETL’s sites is limited to visitors with valid business purposes. Arrangements to visit NETL must be formally requested through a federal NETL employee with whom collaborative conversations have previously occurred.

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